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2020 Colour trends

If you’re planning on renovating your home in the coming months, you will inevitably find yourself struggling with the choice of colours. You may be undecided between different colours or have doubts about the effect a colour can create in a room. The palette trends for interior decoration can be a precious aid here. Let’s take a look at the colour trends of 2020 and the suggested combinations.

Blue, colour of the year 2020

Let’s start with the colour of the year, which according to the Pantone Institute and the paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams, is blue.

From baby blue in pastel shades to an intense and deep navy blue, this colour is a classic that can be applied in every style without going wrong.

Relaxing, reassuring, versatile and elegant, blue can fill an entire wall of the living room to create a spectacular backdrop. It can be used in the bedroom, bathroom or in hallways to create a surprising “box effect”, i.e. with all the walls in blue, including the ceiling.

If you don’t feel bold enough to use blue on the walls of your home, you can include pieces that add an elegant touch to a room: cushions, curtains, sofas or armchairs, perhaps a collection of objects.

Blue goes well with warm woods, oranges, ochres and terracotta, but also with greys, “dirty” whites and black.

Champagne, for sparkling interiors

Neutral colours have been popular for many years now, and are perfect for those who love a certain sobriety in interiors. Grey is becoming less and less popular in 2020 in favour of the warmer and more enveloping beiges. Among these, the colour champagne stands out: it is a refined shade for elegant and sparkling interiors thanks to the presence of gold and silver reflections.

Champagne is the ideal base for tone-on-tone classy interiors featuring furnishings and complements in natural materials such as wood, plant fibres, leather and fabrics such as linen, wool and cotton.

For those who instead prefer contrasting colours, champagne mixes perfectly with blue, black, dark brown and green, as well as with purple and burgundy.

Green, always a winning choice

It’s true: this colour is always listed among the top five trendy colours. Offered in different versions in recent years ranging from intense, mysterious forest green to a toned-down sage green, in 2020 it takes on the guise of bright, shining mint green. It is a fresh, vibrant colour suitable for young environments, especially if combined with bright colours such as cantaloupe orange or cassis, a raspberry violet.

A slightly lighter version is offered by AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center as the colour of the year: called Tranquil Dawn, the colour is a mix of grey, blue and green that instils calm, tranquillity and balance. You can use it in combination with other pastel colours or with young, pop hues, or together with soft baby blue as a contrast in rooms dominated by navy blue for an original and trendy combination.

The return of pink

Millennial pink was an obsession of an entire generation that was set aside for a couple of years, but not entirely. On closer inspection, we have often seen it as a secondary colour in combinations, or modified in shades tending to orange or purple. Even if it’s unlikely to see rooms furnished in “total pink” as in the past, it has chances for a comeback thanks to diehard pink fans.

All it takes is a glance at Benjamin Moore’s catalogue to note that the paint manufacturer has deemed pink the colour of the year. It is a pale, desaturated pink proposed as an alternative to white or beige, to paint entire walls.

The suggested combinations for a perfect chromatic balance are with a more saturated pink and a cold, dark brown, or with a hazelnut tone alongside the classic greige.