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Diy dresser makeover with art deco vibe


Do you want to change the look of the old dresser?
First of all you have to decide what style you like. Choose new colors for the dresser, think of where you are going to place it, you can choose matching colors with the room or in contrast. To add a décor touch to your dresser use wallpaper but cover just a detail, the drawers or the structure as you like. Make a DIY makeover is easy, follow our tutorial.




  • old dresser
  • primer
  • paint
  • brushes
  • roller
  • paper tape
  • finer grit sandpaper
  • peel and stick wallpaper
  • decorative paper
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • screwdriver
  • knobs




After you choose the style you want for your dresser, dust it carefully and prepare it for the first coat of primer. Use the paper tape to mask every part you do not want painted. If your dresser is in solid wood, you can just use sandpaper before paint and skip the primer part. Sandpaper is also great for removing scratches from the surfaces. After two coats of primer, use finer grit sandpaper, remove carefully all the dust and start to paint.

You can paint the drawer using brushes but use a roller for the final coat, it will give you a smooth result. For a even better finishing you can also use again finer grit sandpaper.



Don’t forget about drawer sides, paint them too for a fine décor touch.


This first part of the makeover will require time because you’ll have to wait for the paint to dry between each coat.

Remove all the knobs, dust every drawer carefully and prepare them for the wallpaper. Using peel and stick wallpaper will be easier and faster. Pay attention to not leave wrinkles or bubbles on the surface, help yourself pressing the paper with a ruler.



It’s time to cover the interior of the drawers. Measure the drawer and cut the decorative paper for every part: bottom and four sides. A little tip: while you are cutting the side parts, add one centimeter for left, right and lower sides. Use the double sided adhesive tape, glue first the four sides and then the bottom of the drawer.



Replace the knobs helping yourself with the screwdriver.

One last tip: are the old drawers difficult to open and close? Wax (or solid soap) can help you! Rub it back and forth under the track where the drawer slides in. Now they will slide smoothly!

Now your dresser is ready to begin a new life with you!