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Diy funny wooden blocks





  • wooden blocks in different shapes
  • wooden primer paint
  • paint brushes
  • pencils
  • non-toxic acrylic paints or tempera
  • black and colored permanent marker
  • non-toxic varnish
  • washi tape





Choose some different wooden blocks shapes: cylinder, cube, parallelepiped, sphere, geometric shapes… Paint with the primer paint some of them and let them dry off. Sketch some funny faces and imagine how to put together the wooden blocks. Children will be able to create many combinations of their own.


Once the primer is dry, paint and decorate the wooden blocks using tempera, washi tape and marker pencils. Use tempera or non-toxic acrylic colors to paint the blocks. Choose primary and vivid colors, kids love them! Use washi tape to add some texture and colors to your wooden blocks. Add details with a black permanent marker. Finish the painting with some non-toxic varnish and let it dry.



It’s time to play! Kids can mix the wooden blocks and have infinite combinations to create the funniest faces!