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Total time: 20 min.



  • Round wood slice – this one is 12” wide
  • Cotton cord
  • Handheld drill with wood bit
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • washi tape
  • Bulldog clip
  • Scissors
  • Small hook






Imagine an equilateral triangle (a triangle that has all three sides of equal length) on your round wood slice, and mark with your pencil the hypothetical vertexes. Here it’s where you are going to do: Drill the holes on the wood for the rope. You can choose a cotton twisted cord and make some macrame knots or a more natural rope for a super easy DIY.



Drill three holes using the handheld drill with a wood bit. All the holes have to be wide enough for the rope you’ve chosen to pass through them.



Measure the rope. If you are going to tie some macramé knots you will need more rope. For this DIY, I used about 24 meters of cotton cord cut in 12 ropes of 2 meters.



Keep together and fix the cords with the binder clip.


Experiment with some basic macramé knots to have a boho vibe hanging side table. Follow these steps: use 4 ropes of the same length and tie some knots weaving the ropes. I made 15 basic square knots alternating the left and right cords.




Wrap together the end of the 4 ropes with washi tape; it will be easier to put the cords through the holes.



Unwrap the cords and tie three big and strong knots just below the wooden slice at every hole. After the first knot, keep the swing shelf balanced and then tie the other two knots.


Your hanging wood slice side table is ready, hang it using the hook and enjoy it!