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Mismatched plates, family memories from aunts and grandmothers, flea market or thrift shops treasures: it is easy to have at home a collection of mismatched plates. They are the perfect items to be used for a very nice DIY project, a simple idea to create a table and home decoration.

Draw capital letters on mismatched plates is a great DIY idea to create very nice seating cards. You could also use them as a gift for your guests.

You can use mismatched plates to create a decoration for the kitchen: draw nice single letters on each plates and mix them to create nice ensemble and funny signs.


  • Mismatched plates
  • Soft pencil (5B grade is fine)
  • Porcelain black marker
  • Cloth and isopropyl alcohol


Choose your mismatched plates and decide how to put them together either if you’re going to use them as seating cards or home decoration.

Choose which letter draw on every single plate, it could be your guest’s name initial, or use several letters to create a funny word. Clean plates very well, surface must be grease and dust free.

First of all draw the letter on the plate using the soft pencil. Don’t worry if you make some errors, you can easily erase them with a cloth with some drops of isopropyl alcohol.

Now use the porcelain marker, remember to shake it well before using it.

Choose a linear and minimal font to keep it simple.

Give some thickness to the letters to make them bold. If you have nice decorations on your plates you can also play with them and let them interact with letters, for example the line of the letter could interrupt when crossing the decoration. If you make some errors with the marker you can still erase them using alcohol or scratching it when it will be dry (depends on what porcelain marker you use).

Let decorations dry for 4 hours and bake plates for 30 minutes at 160° in a non pre-heated oven and let them cool down in it. After this treatment you’ll be able to wash plates in the dishwasher up to 50°. Please verify instructions of your porcelain maker before do it.