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How to store seasonal decorations




Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays… There are so many occasions to celebrate good times with your family or friends, as well as to decorate the house according to the theme being celebrated. But where can you store these decorations and how can you keep them in good condition for the following year?


Varied formats


Seasonal decorations have different formats: small characters, long garlands, candles and candlesticks etc. And that’s not including some fragile ones like glass baubles, porcelain table decorations, painted eggs and even pretty paper garlands made by children.


Divide and conquer


First of all, gather all of the decorations and regroup them by theme. It’s the time to decide if some of these items can be thrown away (if they are broken for example) or given away (if they are still in a good condition but you don’t like them any more). Then, for a set theme, separate them by type.


A container for each type of item


Baubles or eggs should be stored individually in short plastic boxes with separators. If you don’t have any, bits of cardboard cut up will also do the job.


The small ties for Christmas decorations should be regrouped in a small plastic box or a bag and placed along with their decorations of course.


Fairy lights should be rolled around serrated cardboard and placed in a box that is sufficiently large to also contain the electric transformers. If you have spare bulbs, put them in a bag which you then place in the same box.


Garlands that resemble collars can be stored perfectly (without knots!) in a plastic bottle.


Very small items can be placed in compartmentalised plastic boxes. Feel free to use tissue paper or bubble wrap to avoid them being knocked around


Rolls of wrapping paper should also be grouped together. You can store them horizontally right at the top of a shelf or vertically all fixed together with a large elastic band in the corner of a cupboard.


Wreaths sometimes lose some of their components. Wrap them in a bag that you can hang up. If you don’t have space, pile them up but separate them with cardboard between each one so that they remain intact.


Candles and candlesticks are a whole category of their own because you might want to use them all year round. Dedicate a specific box to them that will enable you to easily check the state they are in and how many there are before buying new ones!


Large decorations, such as those you use at Halloween or outside for Christmas, can be properly protected in large transparent or labelled plastic trunks.


You can store most of your decorations in a chest of drawers on wheels, which will make it much easier to store them and get them out to decorate the following year.


My final tips?


This year, resist the urge to pack everything together any which way just because you don’t have the time.

And think of using transparent plastic boxes: you will be able to identify their contents better after several months.

Finally, always allow for 30% more volume before buying a box. Your items will not be squished together and you will already have extra space for new seasonal decorations!