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Transform old things giving them a new purpose is always a great hacking goal. Old plates can be great props for creative and upcycling DIY, add to them some plastic animal toys and you’ll have a very fun set for a kids tea party!



  • Old mismatched plates and tea cups
  • Plastic animal toys
  • Glue
  • Nontoxic paint
  • Cutter or hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • (Air dry clay)

Have fun choosing some plastic animal toys and match them to mismatched plates and cups.

Animals with vertical posture like giraffes or penguins can be perfect to create nice dessert plates.

Saw in two pieces the animals. It is important to cut as straight as possible to keep the plates balanced and stable. If your cut isn’t clear you can finish it with some sandpaper.

If you have light plastic animals it will be easy to cut them in two pieces using a simple cutter. The plastic toys will be “empty” inside. If you are going to let it carry a plate you have to make it heavier and steady: fill it up with some air dry clay and let it dry.

You can use animals as they are with their realistic colors or you can paint them as you like. If you choose to paint them use non-toxic paint and do not use them inside the cups but just for decorations.

Glue one part of the animal on the bottom of the plate, let it dry, and then the other part on the top and again, let it dry.

Glue some animals also on the side of the plates or inside the cups, they will add a fun touch to the tea party! They will be the eye-catcher on the table!

Always be careful of using non-toxic materials especially with food.

Your DIY is done and ready for a very fun tea party for kids, they will love your mismatched plates with animal toys!

After that, you can use them also for your jewelry and makeup!