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The trend-setting colours in interior decoration


Warm light neutral tones, desaturated shades and a certain brighter, more decisive touch of colour: the palette of trend-setting colours at the moment is more varied than ever.


Here are some trends to inspire you:


The new neutral colours

Let’s begin with the palette of neutral colours, setting a great trend in 2019. Compared to the past, the new neutral colours come in warmer and cosier shades, suitable for creating restful and welcoming surroundings.


Natural materials and rough textures prevail, all of them in varied neutral colours, espousing the palettes of different shades of beige, grey and white: honey, sand, khaki, cream, butter, taupe. Among the materials, natural wood, light and dark, is very prominent, as well as plant fibres, leather and unpolished stone.


The recommended combinations are not very different from the choices that are a feature of this palette, favouring contact with nature and a lifestyle based on the “slow life” philosophy. You can choose a tone-on-tone interior, or you can add a little contrast with touches of colour in more decisive shades, such as terracotta, chocolate, olive green, old rose, rust or pale coral pink.





Coral, the colour of the year according to Pantone

On the subject of coral pink, it’s impossible to ignore the colour of the year chosen by the Pantone Colour Institute, a world-famous authority in the field of colour.


Living Coral is a bright, but at the same time soft colour, half-way between pink and orange, and with warm golden tones. This colour brings everything together and wins approval both in the field of interior design and that of fashion.


As I said before, Living Coral fits perfectly into the palette of neutral colours, and combines wonderfully with gold details, sage green, black, blue, as well as with all shades of pink, for a very refined tone-on-tone palette.





A spicy-tasting yellow

Like a ray of sunlight in winter, yellow bursts into interior decoration, but beware: the nuances to be favoured have a spicy taste.


Yellow shades of mustard, curry, turmeric and saffron are used, in particular, to cover chairs, they are enhanced by velvet and they give warmth to blues, greys and whites. In these shades, yellow is warm and vibrant, but it must be used sparingly, like all precious things.


Green making a comeback

What can you say about cold colours? Green and blue seem to have been somewhat cast aside in this short space of 2019, after a couple of years of undisputed dominance.


This year, green is making a comeback in a palette based on the colours of nature, according to the “green” philosophy, and is to be included in the range of neutral colours: olive green, sage green, dark intense forest green and celadon green, reminiscent of clear tropical waters.





Klein Blue

Finally, let’s not forget the variegated world of blue. Blue has been chosen as colour of the year by the Behr paint company, in a desaturated variation tending towards grey. The very brightest version, which is much-loved by architects and designers, is Klein Blue: patented in the ’50s by the French artist Yves Klein, it is like electric blue, but deeper and with echoes of violet. It’s an intense captivating colour, with an attraction resonant of otherworldliness, fantasy and science fiction.


In view of its sharp personality, it should be used in small doses, for furniture and accessories, prints and fabrics, but it’s not recommended for walls.