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Upcycling frame with succulent plants

Alessandra Barlassina is a blogger and interior designer, founder of the Gucki blog, in which she shares her inspirations, and helps you decorate your home.


Use an old picture frame to create a spectacular vertical succulent garden, it is an amazing idea for a DIY upcycled frame!






  • Old picture frame
  • Succulent plants
  • Succulent potting soil
  • Chicken wire
  • Staple gun
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Chopstick or a pencil
  • Electrician scissors
  • Plywood backing to fit the back of the frame
  • *4 pieces of wood 1×3 cm + screws and dril

You can choose any frame size you want, just consider that you’ll have to plant succulents very closely to each other so you will need a lot of them: I used a cm 30×40 frame and I planted 75 mini succulent plants.


For a better result do not choose succulents that grow highadd some cascading plants, they will add a nice touch to your succulent vertical frame!

Another tip: choose succulent without spiny thorns, they will be much easier to handle!

Remove the glass and the paint from the frame. Put your frame face down.

Cut the chicken wire in measure to fit into your frame and fix it using the staple gun.


*If your frame is less thick than 4 cm, add and exterior timber behind to allow space for soil and plants. You can also do it using a wooden or plastic cover box. Use screws and drill to fix it to your frame.

My frame was thick enough so I didn’t need to add the shadow box.




Use a piece of the soil plastic bag to cover the plywood backing and fix it to the frame with some staples.

Nail the plywood backing to the frame.





Turn the frame face up, it’s time to fill it with soil. Pour it through the wire. Take your time and fill it very well, shake the frame to spread the soil in every corner, and add more of it until it will reach the wire grid.





Use the scissors to cut a hole in the wire in which you’ll plant your succulents.

Take out of the pot your mini succulent and gently shake the roots and free them from the soil. In this way, you can also gently tease the roots apart and divide different kinds of succulents.

Make a hole with your finger or using a chopstick or the back of a pencil. Plant gently the succulent through the chicken wire.

Plant prostrate succulents close to the bottom of the frame for a cascading effect.





Tip: if you have chosen some spiny thorns plant you can help yourself to handle them using a piece of paper or kitchen paper.





Go on and on mixing the plants’ various shapes and colors.

Never mind if you’ll break several leaves, you can easily propagate them later and you’ll have so many more plants! Set them on top of the soil and water them every time the soil dries out. The leaves will naturally sprout new roots, and new plants will grow from them.

This is one of the most amazing things about succulent plants: they are so easy to propagate!





When your frame will be completed spray your succulents with some water and keep the frame flat for three/four weeks and out of direct sunlight, this will allow roots to grow and bond to the soil.


After this time you could hang your succulent frame as a picture or lean it against the wall. It will be a very nice green addition to your home!