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Wallpaper, star of interior decoration

PUBLISHED ON 15.07.2019


Wallpaper is confirmed as the star of interior decoration again this year. Perfect to give the living-room or the bedroom a touch of style, wall paper is now also used in more unusual areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Unlike in the past, today we tend to cover a single wall or part of one with wallpaper, as well as the back of alcoves and recesses, cupboard panels, and doors.


In this article, we give you an overview of the styles most in vogue, with a few tips on how to use the wallpaper.


Contemporary Art Deco




Elegant, refined and decorative, Art Deco style is back on the crest of a wave almost a century after it was first created. Fan motifs, peacock tails and bold geometric shapes are reinvented in brightly-coloured patterns, embellished with hints of gold.


Art Deco style wallpaper, which has a strong aesthetic impact, is suitable for large rooms in the living area. We recommend putting it on a wall at the back of the room, which should be kept as free as possible of furniture and other objects, so as to create an attractive backdrop setting.


Small, simple patterns are suitable for covering the walls in the entrance hall, the back of alcoves and cupboard panels.


Tropical inspiration




Leaves, flowers, fruit and animals of the multi-coloured world of the tropics are still among the favourite patterns for decorating walls, perhaps through reference to a luxuriant and unspoilt natural world. Tropical style wallpaper is suitable for all rooms in the house: a unique solution could be to use it in the bathroom, naturally choosing a vinyl wallpaper suitable for damp rooms and one which is fully waterproofed.


Everyone crazy for Japan




In the western world there has always been an attraction for everything that comes from Japan. We love the minimalism of Japan, warmed by natural materials like wood, rice paper and bamboo, the layout and extreme neatness, which the decluttering expert, Marie Kondo, has made famous all over the world.


If you too are among those who love Japanese style, you can choose from various designs: branches of peach or cherry tree with delicate blossoms, stylised waves, multicoloured fish and birds. These delicate designs are perfect for bedrooms, especially children’s bedrooms.


Panoramic and trompe l’œil compositions




We conclude with the current top trend: panoramic and trompe l’œil wallpapers.


The former reproduce a landscape and may be photographs or paintings in colour or black and white. This type of wallpaper can cover a whole wall and is suitable for large rooms, usually the living room or the bedroom.


Trompe l’œil designs, on the other hand, suggest the enlargement of the room, thanks to the perspective, and may depict an interior, a terrace or a conservatory, with a guaranteed scenic effect.